For moments in complete discretion, our walls are the solution.

For moments in complete discretion, our walls are the solution.

For the construction of a privacy fence in Laval, Le Gardeur, Terrebonne, or the surrounding areas, turn to PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT! We are registered with the Régie du bâtiment, ensuring quality and safety. Our license number is 5835-2444-01.

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Privacy fence: A tribute to privacy

A privacy fence shields an area of your patio or yard from prying eyes, ensuring the confidentiality of activities and the tranquility of the occupants. A decorative panel? A wall where plants can climb? Several options are available to cater to your tastes, needs, and the style of your home. Beyond its functions, the privacy fence also serves as a beautiful decorative element, providing a sense of security and well-being.

A privacy fence, multiple functions

Do you live on a busy road? Are your neighbors too nosy? For outdoor moments shielded from view, nothing beats a privacy fence.
A patio privacy fence preserves your privacy in close quarters and protects you from prying eyes. It can also act as a barrier against external noise, providing the peace and quiet you need. The privacy fence clearly defines property boundaries while adding a decorative dimension. It can also be installed to create distinct areas on your property. A privacy fence can offer a personal space to relax, socialize, or work in peace.
Privacy fence  Terrebonne

Choose us for a turnkey service

At PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT, our team has the necessary expertise to design and build a beautiful, sturdy, and durable privacy fence. Our professionals are familiar with and understand construction standards and local regulations. They can provide personalized advice to meet your needs and concerns. They can help you choose the best material, the appropriate height for the wall, and the style that will best complement your property. Hiring experts ensures work completed within agreed-upon timelines. Additionally, a well-constructed wall will require less maintenance and repairs over time.
Trust your project to the experts, trusted builders!

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Residents of Laval, Le Gardeur, Terrebonne, and the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at (514) 265-1239.
Live in peace behind your privacy fence!
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