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Custom Outdoor Constructions

Whether you're in Laval or the North Shore, for your outdoor constructions, PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT is the company you need! We specialize in the construction and installation of decks, patios, pergolas, awnings, and residential wooden fences in the North Shore and Laval for 30 years. Registered with the Régie du bâtiment, our license number is 5835-2444-01

We offer perfection in every detail, from the deck to the wooden fence.

Patios & Clôtures Boisvert
Patios & Clôtures Boisvert

Deck Builders

At PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT, our deck builders are professionals specialized in deck installation. We take care of the construction, fastening, and finishing of your deck, whether it's made of wood or composite materials. We guarantee a solid and durable installation.
When you rely on our experts for the construction and assembly of your deck, you benefit from our technical expertise and personalized advice. We adhere to construction standards and the scheduled timeline. Thanks to us, you save time and avoid unpleasant surprises. Our specialized equipment ensures precise and efficient installation. By trusting PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT, you avoid costly mistakes. You can quickly enjoy a sturdy, beautiful, and long-lasting deck.
Patios & Clôtures Boisvert

For the most beautiful outdoor constructions

At PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT, we want your outdoor space to become an extension of your home. We enhance your yard while making it safer. For you, we create wooden decks and patios. We build permanent wooden awnings as well as balconies or wooden terraces. We can also install a privacy fence, a pergola, a pool deck, a gazebo, or even a glass or aluminum railing. Our experts will guide you through your project. PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT designs, creates, and installs outdoor constructions that meet your needs.

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If you live in the beautiful region of Laval or the North Shore and have outdoor construction work to do, trust PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT!
Feel free to reach us by email at patioscloturesboisvert1985@hotmail.com or by phone at (514) 265-1239. We will gladly provide a free estimate for your work.
Create perfect spaces with our expertise in decks, patios, sheds, and wooden fences!
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