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Looking for a remarkable pool deck?

If you reside in Laval, Le Gardeur, or Terrebonne and dream of a beautiful pool deck, rely on the experts at PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT! We are registered with the Régie du bâtiment, which is a guarantee of quality and safety. Our license number is 5835-2444-01.

Pool deck Laval
Pool deck Le Gardeur

Your custom spa space

Are you planning to acquire a spa? At PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT, we can build a dedicated relaxation space for you, which you can equip with loungers or comfortable chairs. We can also create a gathering area with benches and more space. Would you like a patio covered by a pergola with climbing plants for a natural retreat? Do you prefer an intimate and secure space with non-slip surfaces and privacy? Perhaps you dream of a multifunctional space, where both the spa, barbecue, and everything for outdoor dining are located? Our specialists in deck and patio construction will build the space you need.
For the construction of a spa space, it is essential to consult professionals. They will help you choose the ideal location (for a more intimate or festive atmosphere) and the right height (for safe spa enjoyment). They will also plan necessary access for maintenance and technical upkeep.
PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT has gained extensive experience in the field of spa deck construction and design. We will advise and guide you in selecting materials, location, and dimensions for your deck. We master various construction techniques and know how to find the best solutions to meet our clients' needs.
Pool deck Terrebonne

Need a deck for your above-ground pool?

We create exceptional decks for above-ground pools. We understand that your pool is a privileged space for your family. Our team of experts can create an oasis for relaxation and enjoyment. From choosing materials to designing the deck, we put our passion into every detail. Our skilled staff will build a pool deck ready to host unforgettable moments!
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For a free evaluation, please reach out to us. For your pool deck or spa space construction projects in Laval, Le Gardeur, Terrebonne, or the surrounding areas, call us at (514) 265-1239 or email us at patioscloturesboisvert1985@hotmail.com.>
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