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For a custom gazebo in Laval, Le Gardeur, Terrebonne, or the surrounding areas, PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT is the choice for you. Our reputation speaks for itself. You can find us registered with the Régie du bâtiment. Our license number is 5835-2444-01.

Gazebo Laval
Gazebo Terrebonne

A wooden gazebo: where life takes a break

A gazebo is a construction that exudes class and versatility. With a roof and open sides, a gazebo provides a shaded space sheltered from the sun and rain. It's a great place to gather with friends or family. The gazebo is also an important decorative element.
Crafted with care, a wooden gazebo offers a welcoming and intimate retreat. Elegant lines and quality wood combine to create a space that radiates warmth and invites unforgettable moments.
Add a personal touch to your backyard with a gazebo that reflects your style. Combining elegance and durability, this outdoor haven will allow you to enjoy outdoor life. Create memorable moments in an exceptional setting. Choose affordable luxury, choose our gazebo.
A wooden gazebo: your oasis designed by our experts.
Gazebo Laval

We customize your outdoor space

At PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT, our professionals have the necessary expertise to design and build your gazebo to be beautiful, sturdy, and durable. Our experts can customize your gazebo according to your needs, preferences, the style of your home, and your yard's layout. We can install a mosquito net in your gazebo to keep unwanted guests at bay.
We are experienced and efficient. We complete the task quickly and adhere to promised timelines. We use quality materials and know the best practices for building a gazebo or other outdoor structures. We are familiar with local building regulations. We ensure that the design and construction of the gazebo comply with all legal requirements in the Laval, Le Gardeur, Terrebonne, or surrounding areas.
Outdoor luxury, built for your happiness!

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Our dedicated staff can proceed with the realization of your gazebo. Residents of Laval, Le Gardeur, Terrebonne, or the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at (514) 265-1239.
At PATIOS & CLÔTURES BOISVERT, we work so that you can relax under the stars.
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